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Training: half day

Course times: 9am – 1pm

Delivery: In-house

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The ability to think about problems and come up with creative, yet implementable solutions is a valued skill in organisations. Traditional training focuses on the provision of skills without any focus on the ability to actually think. This programme is designed to stimulate participants to use their thinking skills in the workplace and as such is best suited to personnel who are involved in leading teams, supervising or managing departments. The training program will be delivered as an interactive skills workshop.

Who should attend?

This programme is best suited to personnel involved in leading teams, supervising or managing people. LBSPartners would recommend up to 15 participants should attend per workshop.

What will I learn?

This is an interactive workshop covered over a one day period. The following topics are covered:

  • Your brain as a tool
  • Intelligence vs. being ‘smart’
  • Using your head
  • Systemised thinking
  • Creativity
  • Lateral thinking
  • Thinking tools and techniques
  • Innovation and its place in the organisation
  • Simplicity and applicability

Core competencies developed

  • Creativity
  • Innovation Management

Contact Us

To apply for this course to be delivered in your company, simply contact LBSPartners on 061 518408 or alternatively email and a member of our team will talk you through the process.

“We have a strong track record in innovation and development of new products and processes. We began a lean journey, using LBS as our lean partners. During this time we have realised extraordinary improvements throughout the organisation such as reduction of lead time from 27 days in 2010 to 3 days in 2016. We attribute a significant portion of this growth directly to our organisational transformation based on Lean principles. In recent times, with the help of LBSPartners. we have trained colleagues in Lean Business Programme, with further training ongoing. We have found LBSPartners to be extremely beneficial and would highly recommend both to any potential business.”
Eddie Wall, Operations Manager, Benning Ireland

“The tools and coaching we have received as part of the training and mentoring programme is working for our company to deliver significant results to the bottom line. There is a strong relationship between LBSPartners and Loughnane’s of Galway. The practical aspects and exercises from the training we received were very enjoyable and the trainer was excellent.”
Daire Loughnane, Managing Director, Loughnane’s of Galway 

In 2016, we partnered with LBSPartners to complete a Green Belt Training Program. They each selected a project, which had specific targets for delivering measurable improvements. The team attended training days and worked on their projects over a 3 to 4 month period. In addition to the financial savings that the projects delivered (which were sustainable and significantly greater than the training costs), the team themselves learned a lot about Lean thinking and how to recognise and tackle waste. The trainer and mentor were very enthusiastic and professional throughout and provided plenty of support for our team.”
Eamonn Redmond, Operations Manager, Lily O’Briens

Through the Management Works programme, we have been working alongside LBSPartners to achieve major changes and improvements throughout our business. The overall support from the programme has been vital in developing our internal capabilities and supporting a lean culture that has contributed to significant growth for our company.”
Mary Fox, Operations Manager, Irish Dog Foods

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