Lean Green Belt Training



Training: 5 days

Mentoring: 8 Half Days

Course times: 9am – 5pm

Delivery: off-site

Price: €4,000 per company (max 3 participants)

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Green Belt Introduction

Delivered by LBSPartners, the Management Works (Skillnets) LEAN Business Green Belt Programme uses a proven combination of training and onsite project mentoring to help participants understand lean principles, implement lean tools and deliver improvements for sustainable cost savings.

Green Belt Training takes place at an offsite location. To embed the training further, participants complete improvement projects in their workplace with 4 days (or 8, half days) of onsite project support from one of LBSPartners’ Lean Mentors included in the programme cost. Projects ensure tools and skills are embedded and provide significant ROI for participating companies.

Who should attend?

All companies where efficiency is a critical factor in success. Participants of the green belt course can include admin staff, operators, supervisors and/or managers. We can support you to select a team of up to 3 participants. During the green belt training each participant will deliver an improvement project in their area of business.

What’s covered?

  • Gain an understanding of Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn to how to identify the fundamentals of Lean, covering topics such as: Takt Time and Cycle Time, Value Stream Mapping, Project Management And Kanban
  • Learn how to use the tool DMAIC and A3 Methodology
  • Learn about Standard Work, 6S and Visual Management
  • Gain an understanding on Kaizen
  • Use the tool TPM and OEE
  • Also, included is a final presentation day covering the A3 presentations by all participates to further enforce the learning from the programme while also giving management an opportunity to view projects and the benefits gains from each project.

What will I learn?

  • Key concepts of Lean Thinking: Value, Value Stream, Flow, Pull, and Perfection
  • Practical understanding of how to identify and expose the opportunities presented by the ubiquity of waste in the organisation
  • Practical and powerful Lean tools & techniques, such as Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen
  • Lean Six Sigma concepts, such as variation and process capability
  • Problem solving and process improvement techniques (DMAIC) associated with the Lean Six Sigma framework
  • The concept of Visual Management and the application of it components 6S, short interval controls and tiered management systems.

Contact Us

Please contact LBSPartners on 061-518408 or alternatively email info@lbspartners.ie and a member of our team will talk you through the process.

Confirmed Programmes 2018


Day 1 February 15th, Day 2 February 16th, Day 3 March 6th, Day 4 March 28th, Day 5 April 18th, Graduation May 25th

Dublin North/Meath/Louth

Day 1 February 14th, Day 2 February 15th, Day 3 March 8th, Day 4 March 29th, Day 5 April 19th, Graduation May 18th


Day 1 February 26th, Day 2 February 27th, Day 3 March 20th, Day 4 April 10th, Day 5 May 1st, Graduation June 1st


Day 1 March 21st, Day 2 March 22nd, Day 3 April 12th, Day 4 May 3rd, Day 5 May 24th, Graduation June 19th

Dublin South/Kildare/Wicklow

Day 1 April 3rd, Day 2 April 4th, Day 3 April 24th, Day 4 May 15th, Day 5 June 5th, Graduation July 6th


Day 1 April 26th, Day 2 April 27th, Day 3 May 17th,  Day 4 June 7th, Day 5 June 21st, Graduation July 27th


Day 1 Sept 19th, Day 2 Sept 20th, Day 3 Oct 10th, Day 4 Oct 31st, Day 5 Nov 21st, Graduation Dec 19th 2018

Dublin North/Meath/Louth

Day 1 September 10th, Day 2 September 11th, Day 3 October 2nd, Day 4 October 23rd, Day 5 November 13th, Graduation December 14th

Dublin South/Kildare/Wicklow

Day 1 September 26th, Day 2 September 27th, Day 3 October 18th, Day 4 November 8th, Day 5 November 29th, Graduation January 11th


Day 1 October 15th, Day 2 October 16th, Day 3 November 6th, Day 4 November 27th, Day 5 December 18th, Graduation January 18th

“We have a strong track record in innovation and development of new products and processes. We began a lean journey, using LBS as our lean partners. During this time we have realised extraordinary improvements throughout the organisation such as reduction of lead time from 27 days in 2010 to 3 days in 2016. We attribute a significant portion of this growth directly to our organisational transformation based on Lean principles. In recent times, with the help of LBSPartners. we have trained colleagues in Lean Business Programme, with further training ongoing. We have found LBSPartners to be extremely beneficial and would highly recommend both to any potential business.”
Eddie Wall, Operations Manager, Benning Ireland

“The tools and coaching we have received as part of the training and mentoring programme is working for our company to deliver significant results to the bottom line. There is a strong relationship between LBSPartners and Loughnane’s of Galway. The practical aspects and exercises from the training we received were very enjoyable and the trainer was excellent.”
Daire Loughnane, Managing Director, Loughnane’s of Galway 

In 2016, we partnered with LBSPartners to complete a Green Belt Training Program. They each selected a project, which had specific targets for delivering measurable improvements. The team attended training days and worked on their projects over a 3 to 4 month period. In addition to the financial savings that the projects delivered (which were sustainable and significantly greater than the training costs), the team themselves learned a lot about Lean thinking and how to recognise and tackle waste. The trainer and mentor were very enthusiastic and professional throughout and provided plenty of support for our team.”
Eamonn Redmond, Operations Manager, Lily O’Briens

Through the Management Works programme, we have been working alongside LBSPartners to achieve major changes and improvements throughout our business. The overall support from the programme has been vital in developing our internal capabilities and supporting a lean culture that has contributed to significant growth for our company.”
Mary Fox, Operations Manager, Irish Dog Foods

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