Leading People and Teams



Training: 5 days

Mentoring: 1 Half Day

Course times: 9am - 5pm

Delivery: off-site

Price: €1000 per participant (max 3 participants per company)

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The Management Works Leading People and Teams programme aims to develop the capability and confidence of managers, supervisors and team leaders in the basic skills required to manage effectively. It provides a structure and supportive framework for increasing self-awareness, building and maintaining positive workplace relationships, identifying everyday challenges and developing strategies and techniques for managing effectively.

The programme is heavily subsidised by Skillnets and delivered by leading lean consultants, LBSPartners.

Who should attend?

Practicing and aspiring supervisors, team leads and managers who require a deeper understanding of the management part of their role within the organisation.

We can support you to select a team of up to 3 participants.

What will I learn?

  • Understand the role of team leader/frontline supervisor/manager and the capabilities required to execute the role successfully
  • The most successful leadership characteristics and behaviours
  • How to develop and lead a high performing team
  • To manage your own work and time more effectively
  • Most successful ways to approach challenging workplace behaviours
  • Develop awareness of your own management style
  • The development of a management thought process
  • Appreciation for the role and motivation of management in leading change and implementing strategy.

What's covered?

  • Managing VS Leading.
  • The roles and responsibilities of the manager (John Adair).
  • Planning and Managing Time and Workload
  • Taking responsibility
  • Delegating
  • Prioritising
  • Managing effective meetings
  • Communication and Influencing.
  • Building and maintaining effective workplace relationships.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Managing high performing teams
  • Team leadership skills
  • Coaching
  • Most effective coaching methods
  • Leadership and Change

Contact Us

Please contact LBSPartners on 061 518408 or alternatively email info@lbspartners.ie and a member of our team will talk you through the process.

2018 Training Dates

Dublin North/Meath/Louth
Day 1 March 21st, Day 2 March 22nd, Day 3 April 5th, Day 4 April 19th, Day 5 May 10th

Dublin Kilmainham
Day 1 May 29th, Day 2 May 30th, Day 3 June 12th, Day 4 June 13th, Day 5 June 26th

Dublin North (2)
Day 1 Sept 6th, Day 2 Sept 7th, Day 3 Sept 26th, Day 4 Sept 27th, Day 5 Oct 17th

Day 1 Oct 24th, Day 2 Oct 25th, Day 3 Nov 14th, Day 4 Nov 15th, Day 5 Dec 05th

“We have a strong track record in innovation and development of new products and processes. We began a lean journey, using LBS as our lean partners. During this time we have realised extraordinary improvements throughout the organisation such as reduction of lead time from 27 days in 2010 to 3 days in 2016. We attribute a significant portion of this growth directly to our organisational transformation based on Lean principles. In recent times, with the help of LBSPartners. we have trained colleagues in Lean Business Programme, with further training ongoing. We have found LBSPartners to be extremely beneficial and would highly recommend both to any potential business.”
Eddie Wall, Operations Manager, Benning Ireland

“The tools and coaching we have received as part of the training and mentoring programme is working for our company to deliver significant results to the bottom line. There is a strong relationship between LBSPartners and Loughnane’s of Galway. The practical aspects and exercises from the training we received were very enjoyable and the trainer was excellent.”
Daire Loughnane, Managing Director, Loughnane’s of Galway 

In 2016, we partnered with LBSPartners to complete a Green Belt Training Program. They each selected a project, which had specific targets for delivering measurable improvements. The team attended training days and worked on their projects over a 3 to 4 month period. In addition to the financial savings that the projects delivered (which were sustainable and significantly greater than the training costs), the team themselves learned a lot about Lean thinking and how to recognise and tackle waste. The trainer and mentor were very enthusiastic and professional throughout and provided plenty of support for our team.”
Eamonn Redmond, Operations Manager, Lily O’Briens

Through the Management Works programme, we have been working alongside LBSPartners to achieve major changes and improvements throughout our business. The overall support from the programme has been vital in developing our internal capabilities and supporting a lean culture that has contributed to significant growth for our company.”
Mary Fox, Operations Manager, Irish Dog Foods

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