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6S is a team tool and should be used by all the team members. LBSPartners’ 6S ...
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To remain competitive companies must ensure they continue to improve and evolve. The transformation of a company’s culture, to one of Continuous Improvement, necessitates careful nurturing and development. People within an organisation must take an unbiased view of the processes in place to identify and eliminate waste in an incremental manner. Even in processes that are performing well waste can be improved with smart solutions and innovative designs. Continuous improvement is an integral part of Lean and Six Sigma transformations. On completion of a transformation, the substantial benefits and savings require regular monitoring to ensure sustainability and improvement. This can be accomplished by setting up a Governance council to regularly review progress against the strategic goals and objectives. LBSPartners can assist in creating a culture of continuous improvement through training.

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Download Our Introduction to Lean e-booklet 

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