Deploying Lean in a Large Multifunctional Operation

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EPS Group

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About EPS Group

EPS Group is a highly experienced and proven provider of water and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions. Their solutions range from the complex municipal and industrial projects to the single domestic units.  Clients range from homeowners to large multinational and municipal authorities. The company operates in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe and currently export to over 30 countries worldwide. They provide a service to the municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sectors. EPS specialises in the design, build and operate (DBO) of infrastructure projects.

Key Programme Objectives

  • Reduce leads times through the Repair Area.
  • Improve performance and effectiveness of the Workshop.
  • A total reorganisation of the Stores Area.
  • Setout project prioritisation criteria in design and put in place a process for quickly evaluating projects.
  • Direct engagement with employees to support the setup of a continuous improvement culture.

Putting Lean into Practice

  • Lean Leadership Training.
  • Teams coaching through problem solving, using DMAIC and reported using A3 Methodology.
  • Management and Supervisory Lean Training.
  • Established KPIs and conducted regular PIT meetings to evaluate performance where issues were openly discussed and resolved.

The Results

  • Repair lead times reduced by 50% and on-time shipments in the high 90s.
  • Workshop lead times reduced significantly and on-time shipments in the high 90s.
  • Increased efficiency and capacity of the Stores Area by 33%.
  • Project review process up and running to provide more clarity on project status.
  • A strong continuous improvement (CI) culture is developing on the site.
  • Significant technical breakthroughs and cost savings achieved through CI teamwork projects.
  • Capability to deploy a wide variety of Lean tools for problem solving into the future.
  • 6S deployed to sustain improvements.

Framework tools applied

  • Process Mapping
  • Strategic Deployment
  • Standard Work
  • Lean Sigma Green Belt Training
  • Problem Solving
  • PIT Meetings
  • Performance against KPIs
  • A3 Metodology
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