Developing a Lean Culture in Hilton Food Group

Client Name:

Hilton Foods Ireland

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About Hilton Food Group

Hilton Food Group plc is an international specialist retail meat packing company supplying major international retailers from state-of-the-art facilities. Hilton Ireland is a dynamic & progressive business with a strong reputation for quality & innovation within the Irish fresh food industry.  The organization must be flexible and agile to support the demands of its clients and improve quality, service level and cost advantage ahead of its rivals.

The Challenge

Hilton Foods Ireland must be the most agile and responsive site in the group because of its market size.  To achieve this the team must communicate very effectively, use data to make very timely management decisions and be extremely flexible.

Key Programme Objectives

  • Using lean thinking to drive responsibility to the production line leaders
  • Creating a culture where everybody in the organisation supports the front line workers to deliver to the customer was essential.

Putting Lean into Practice

  • Leadership Training, planning the approach to improving the site performance and managing the roll-out of lean to the whole site.
  • 6S & PIT training was core to engaging the whole staff in the improvement activities. 
  • Real time discussion about performance, issues and their resolution became normal habits. 
  • Lean problem Solver (Yellow Belt) & Lean Project Manager (Green Belt) were used to train many of the supervisory and support staff in consistent methods of improvement.

The Results

  • Business results consistently achieved in a challenging market.
  • Significant cost savings achieved through projects.
  • Strong support from client organizations due to transparency

Framework tools applied

  • PIT Meetings
  • Lean Yellow Belt Training
  • Lean Sigma Green Belt Training
  • Standard Work
  • 6S Workplace Organisation
  • Visual Management
  • Changeover on Production Lines
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