Anne Reidy

Customer Experience Manager


LBSPartners – Business Administration Manager

Anne joined LBSPartners in 2015 to support the company’s performance and management of business operations and decision making. Anne is proficient in several areas including; Accounting, Strategic Management and Human Resources.

Martina Murphy Solicitors – Executive Administrator

As executive administrator in a busy legal practice, Anne was responsible for the smooth and efficient day-to-day administration and promotion of the practice and the company image. As the first point of contact for clients, Anne managed client relationships, screened enquiries and re-directed as appropriate, coordinated solicitor schedules, maintained document control and the company database.

Mid-West Regional Hospital – Medical Laboratory Aide

For more than a decade, Anne worked in the Biochemistry department as a Medical Lab Aide in the Mid-West Regional Hospital where she was responsible for the management of assays dispatched to external referral laboratories. Anne was involved in the continuous improvement of the standard operating procedures which were accredited in 2009. Anne liaised with stakeholders, including consultants, clinicians, nursing staff, patients and referral laboratory scientific staff.

Earlier Career

In her early career, Anne worked in Ireland and the UK as a marketing manager and market research consultant where she worked with clients across a range of departments and sectors.


Lean Green Belt

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in European Studies
University of Limerick

Anne Reidy, Customer Experience Manager, LBSPartners
+353 (0)86 3824998