Enterprise Ireland & IDA Lean Business Offer

Enterprise Ireland LogoIrish businesses taking their first step, or continuing an existing Lean journey, may be entitled to funding support from Enterprise Ireland (EI) or the IDA.

LBSPartners, in operation since 2002, has 12 consultants with an average experience of 25 years who work with businesses to bring their individual Lean programme(s) to life; helping them become more competitive, productive and profitable by providing the skillset necessary to ensure continuous improvement.

Both Enterprise Ireland & the IDA categorise Lean Business Offers in three ways:

  1. Lean Start – a pilot project and short-term engagement (up to 7 days); focused on introducing Lean principles and agile processes – the building block for Lean success.
  2. Lean Plus – a medium-term engagement (up to 30 days) focused on sustainable performance and process improvement.
  3. Lean Transform – a long-term engagement (up to 100 days) embedding Lean within the company culture to ensure ongoing competitive gains and continuous improvement.

LBSPartners work with clients to firstly identify problem areas in need of improvement and then, secondly, to schedule appropriate training and coaching to enable management and employees to address these problems. Determining the most suitable EI programme for your business largely depends on the business size and level of Lean experience.

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Lean Business Programme Benefits

LBSPartners clients have realised significant competitive and substainable financial benefits from adapting Lean principles in their businesses.  Companies participating in LBSPartners Lean Business Programmes typically realise the following benefits:

  • Lean Start: 4 to 5 times the capital invested, circa €25,200.
  • Lean Plus: at least 4 times the capital invested, circa €280,000.
  • Lean Transformation: circa €1m in cost savings with €200,000 investment.

What do these programmes look like?

Enterprise Ireland Lean Programme Modules
LBSPartners help customise Lean programmes for individual clients, but there are Lean methodologies that can be applied in every business environment, creating the foundation for further Lean improvement. Our approach includes elements from our transformation framework: Leadership, Coaching, Standardisation and Education.

Enterprise Ireland Funding

Funding support for a Lean Start, Lean Plus and Lean Transform is based on application to Enterprise Ireland/IDA and cannot be guaranteed by LBSPartners. Clients may be eligible for the following support:
Enterprise Ireland Lean Funding Support

Want to know more?

LBSPartners Business Development Manager, Vincent Leonard, is available to meet with your team and discuss how your business will benefit from our Lean expertise. Get in touch with Vinny on 085-8374782 or email vincentleonard@lbspartners.ie.