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To truly respect people, we must focus on the alignment of their needs with those of the organisation. It is important to be clear about the organisation’s values, its direction and the role each person plays in that success. Each person must be aware of his/her capabilities and performance must have a clear development path. The Education quadrant addresses this need. Leaders must create opportunities for learning, foster desirable behaviours and lead the process of discussion: raise questions, listen attentively, and provide feedback.

People must be mindful of their role and responsibilities and how they interact with others. They must also develop capabilities such as teamwork, problem solving, organisation, process design, delegation and coaching. We focus on two strands of development to achieve operational excellence and organisational excellence: developing the individual and developing processes.

Lean Leadership

Gets management on the same page showing that a change in thinking is required to develop a culture of continuous improvement.

Lean Awareness

The heart of a successful Lean transformation; supports people engagement and empowerment in the workplace.

Lean Problem Solver

Covers underlying concepts behind Lean problem solving through the application of DMAIC cycle – define, measure, analyse, improve, control.

Lean Project Manager

Combines the philosophies of Lean thinking with the discipline of project management, developing teams and promoting teamwork.

Lean Coach

Develops company resources into Lean Coaches who are equipped with the skills necessary to drive sustainable continuous improvement.

Lean Sigma Green Belt

Practical training on how to apply the methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma to the business environment.


Learn More about Education from Eddie O'Neill