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Leadership of modern organisations is not easy. Leaders must guide long-term objectives whilst working with people to improve processes. They must be firm and decisive, yet empathetic. They must be innovative and respect standard processes, participating in them to get business done. Most important of all, modern leaders have an obligation to inspire all the stakeholders. Operational excellence and organisational excellence must be designed into the fabric of a successful organisation.

The Leadership quadrant addresses the long-term objectives of the organisation and their implementation in manageable chunks. It pays particular attention to the communication and analysis of processes and business performance. Most importantly it concentrates on the development of leaders – the characteristics and actions crucial to modern leadership.

Business Analysis

Identifying a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Hoshin Planning

Effectively deploying high-level organisation goals into measurable objectives, through all levels of the business.

Value Stream Mapping

An end-to-end process for products and services. Shows the sequence and movement of information, materials and actions in a business’ value stream.

Leader Standard Work

A pillar of Lean management systems, delivered by connecting the leader to where the value is being added; leading by example.

Lean Assessment

Measuring how far a business is along its Lean journey. Focuses on reviewing and scoring the business in the four key focus areas of the LBSPartners framework – Standardisation, Education, Coaching and Leadership.

Lean Mentor

A business improvement programme designed to assist clients who are in the learning phase to adopt lean throughout their organisation.


Learn More about Leadership from Dan O'Donnell