In Ireland, nearly 200,000 people are working in the manufacturing sector. The adoption of Lean in the manufacturing sector is arguably the most recognisably Lean industry in the world.

As a process-rich environment, manufacturing and production environments are ideal for implementing Lean and Six Sigma principles. Benefits include enhanced productivity, improved efficiency, streamlined processes and increased competitiveness. See how we helped Callan Bacon improve throughput in their meat processing facility. Business improvements in Lean Manufacturing are enabled using Lean approaches, including: TPM/OEE, 6S & Workplace Organisation and PIT Meetings.

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Lean Wastes - TIM WOODS - 8 Wastes of LeanLean best practice is to first, identify waste; then, eliminate it. TIMWOODS is the term we use to identify areas of waste in manufacturing: Transport, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Overproduction, Overprocessing, Defects and Skills. Eliminating these areas of waste is crucial for the success of any Lean programme.

Learn more about TIMWOODS in our article: Who is TIMWOODS and why is he killing your business? 

LBSPartners is an approved Lean consultant with both Enterprise Ireland and the IDA; Irish-based manufacturing companies may eligible to apply for financial support from one of these bodies to help fund their Lean journey.


Case Studies

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Irish Dog Foods

Irish Dog Foods sought to improve productivity in their packing hall. Deploying lean supported an increase productivity of the packing operation by >10%. Additional improvements and costs savings have been realised through continuous improvement projects.

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Hilton Foods Ireland

Using lean thinking to drive responsibility of production line leaders, Hilton Foods is developing a Lean Culture where the organisation supports front line workers to better deliver customer needs.

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ManagementWorks is a Lean Sigma Green Belt programme delivered by LBSPartners – 5 days of intensive classroom learning and group workshops. Company results have included 50% reduction customer complaints, 50% reduction line overtime, €140K changeover savings.

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Callan Bacon

Using Lean tools and methodologies, Callan Bacon increased the throughput of the plant by 33%; robust capacity planning module developed for the site; strong continuous improvement (CI) culture developed.