Ireland’s Services sector has grown at a rate not seen before, with both Irish and International employers adding jobs to their workforce as confidence builds in the economy. The rapid emergence of internationally traded services reflects the growing importance of our knowledge based Service industries in Ireland. It is clear that the outlook for the Services sector in Ireland is very encouraging indeed.

This sector has traditionally had long, complex, variable processes with multiple decision points which are not visible in the organisation. At LBSPartners we believe that this is precisely why it is even more important for Service organisations to ensure they are adopting Lean methodologies. Lean is about standardising work processes to make problems visible whilst developing your peoples critical thinking ability so that they can solve problems and improve work processes. We work with Service organisations to make processes that take place inside people’s heads visible so that their customers are getting consistent high-quality services each and every time.

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Case Studies

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Trilogy Technologies

Perfecting Service Desk Engagement & Customer Experience – A Lean IT Initiative. Lean helped Trilogy achieve clarity & visibility: 29% reduction in ticket turn-around; 25% reduction in ticket time; 44% reduction in daily backlog.

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Using Lean tools and methodologies, Voxpro in Ireland improved Issue Resolution Time & Customer Satisfaction KPI Metrics – 8% improvement in Issue Resolution Time, 4% in Customer Satisfaction.

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Heineken Ireland

Heineken Ireland sought to streamline administrative processes and improve performance in distribution of their Branded Consumables. Using Lean, acceptance rate improved to 98%, lead time reduced by 50% and admin time reduced by 54%.

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Contracting PLUS

ContractingPlus employed Lean to improve invoicing process efficiency & quality of Information flow resulting in a 56% reduction in outstanding information and a 58% reduction in queries.

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Aegon Ireland

Business process improvements were made to AEGON’s valuation process. Following the programme, 98% of quarterly valuations are issued to SLA achieving a 20% improvement for the company.

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ManagementWorks is a Lean Sigma Green Belt programme delivered by LBSPartners – 5 days of intensive classroom learning and group workshops. Company results have included 50% reduction customer complaints, 50% reduction line overtime, €140K changeover savings.