There is an advantage to hiring external expertise to support your Lean journey – and here is why…

Companies that have worked with LBSPartners, using Lean tools and methodologies across their business, have seen at least 5X the return on their investment; a return which is repeated annually as the savings and benefits are locked in by sustaining and building on the improvements achieved.

While Lean is often considered for cost-savings in times of recession, it’s in times of progress when companies can truly benefit from an analysis of their waste, to make sustainable improvements for greater competitiveness and profitability.

We often see companies trying to achieve a Lean environment without reaching out for external assistance. This approach typically results in a slew of trial and error strategies being tested until something sticks – a costly and time-consuming exercise which yields little positive result for the company involved.

Professional and dependable consulting firms help impartially assess, review and improve processes and develop people.

Advantages of working with LBSPartners

Our consultants have a significant amount of practical experience across a wide variety of industries. We take a hands-on approach and can swiftly understand your company’s individual processes and specific needs. Coupled with our best-in-practice tools and methodologies, we have the ability to develop the best solution to ensure your company’s success.

Knowledge Transfer
Our success is, in part, explained by our first-rate experience and skills as well as the willingness and ability to teach and to pass on our knowledge to our clients. This open approach – coach the coach – ensures our clients have the long-term ability, tools and understanding to develop sustainable process improvement systems.

Independent Partners
A strong partnership with our client companies is integral to the transfer of knowledge and success of Lean programmes. As an external consultant we bring an unbiased professionalism when assessing your needs and developing programmes. We will help you define and work towards the achievement of your strategic goals and objectives.

LBSPartners’ raison d’être is helping companies achieve measured results, a competitive advantage and improved profitability. These KPI improvements are enabled by waste reduction, improved capacity, increased line speeds, more efficient processes and better trained/more productive employees.

As part of the Enterprise Ireland approved list of Lean practitioners, LBSPartners have supported more than 200 Lean engagements, across a variety of industries.

Contact us to set-up an exploratory meeting and to see how our expertise can add substantial value to your company.

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