Top 5 Expert Tips from 2015 #CCMASUMMIT


Image Credit: The Conversation Hub @conversationhub

Yesterday, LBSPartners was fortunate to be amongst the audience of professionals from Irish contact centres and customer service industries at the #CCMASUMMIT.

If you’re like us and have attended many conferences for personal or professional growth and networking, you know that in amongst the vast amount of information you take-in during these event, there are often little nuggets of insight – those AHA moments – that stick-out above the rest.

For us, the top 5 lasting tidbits from yesterday’s event were:

  1. Problems and mistakes are nothing more than opportunities; embrace the opportunities. “You have to have a culture that allows people to get things wrong.” – Jamie Hindhaugh, BT Sport & BT TV
  2. Provide support for improvement and enable your staff to perform better. “focus on inputs, invest in leadership and remove the noise and distraction.” – Derek Stalley, Sky Ireland
  3. To improve customer satisfaction and increase productivity, “remove the need and service the want.” – Michael Nolan, Paddy Power Online
  4. Buy-in from all levels of the organisation is essential for strategies to succeed: “Without individual commitment, an organisation’s strategy remains a hopeful intention; embed strategy in every action of every single day.” – Gary O’Sullivan, Pathfinder
  5. Be present. Engage with your customers; your voice matters. “Your customer doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Maria Tecce,

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